Hand-decorated porcelain Lesson in Kamakura

  • Decorate white porcelain using decalcomania transfer paper, a wide range of colors, and other materials. Create your unique elegant decor items! They also make great gifts
  • Could you interested in firing decals onto ceramics? You can choose waterslide decals that can be fired onto bone china, porcelain, ceramic and glass as well as ceramic and porcelain tile. Beginners are very welcome, and we will be on hand to help you create your hand-decorated porcelain.


1・Cherry Blossom Teacup Set
JPY 4,500(includes tax)

The Cherry Blossom is the flower dearest to the people of Japan. Create your own Japanese style cup and saucer using Cherry Blossom patterned transfer paper, perfect for enjoying your next cup of Japanese tea.

2・Japanese Style Rice Bowl
JPY 3,500(includes tax)

Using gorgeous white porcelain and transfer paper made in Japan, create your own traditional Japanese-style rice bowl; a fundamental necessity for the people of Japan!

Restriction(s) All Packages

Lessons are available to high school students and above. Those who are of middle school age and below cannot take lessons. Small children who may be accompanying guests cannot take part in the lesson.

Additional Note(s)All Packages

  • You will not be able to take your porcelain home with you on the day of the lesson, since it must be baked in the kiln (at 800? C) before being complete. Please be notified that it will take five to ten days for your finished work to be returned to you.
  • The delivery charge is determined based on the package size
    and the delivery distance. For 2 teacups, the shipping cost will be about 1000 JPY(the Kanto area.).We can send this package with C.O.D. postage. This company does not make international shipments.
  • There is an additional fee to use the golden pen. If you choose to do so, please pay on the day of your lesson.

Cancellation Policy

  • The cancellation service fee(JPY 3,000) is charged for cancellation made within 1 day before the lesson.
  • La Clochette Rose charges thel guest for the cancellation fee in the case of cancellation without prior notice.
  • La Clochette RoseAddress:Inamuragasaki Kamakura-shi Kanagawa-ken
  • Location, direction and description
    7minute walk from [Inamuragasaki Station], on the Enoshima dentetsu Line 2minute walk from seaside.
  • Inamuragasaki (稲村ケ崎) is a cape at the western end of Yuigahama (Beach) in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The cape divides Yuigahama from Shichirigahama (Beach) and Enoshima. Its name seems to stem from its shape, similar to a stack of rice at harvest time (an inamura (稲叢)). At its foot on the Shichirigahama side there is a park, the Inamuragasaki Park (稲村ケ崎海浜公園).
    Inamuragasaki [WIKIPEDIA]
ヴォーグ学園横浜校/横浜駅前サロン横浜市中区山下町252 グランベル横浜ビル5F/横浜市西区北幸2丁目